Event - Safer Internet Day

5 February 2019

This month we have been celebrating Safer Internet Day. The theme this year is: Together for a better internet.

Each year group have been looking at ways they can stay safe online. They have looked at being kind, not sharing personal information and the importance of asking permission before posting photos online.

Years 5 and 6 had an informative visit from the local PCSO Julie. She showed a video to emphasize the importance of not sharing information online, after which the classes discussed the consequences not being safe online.

Smartie the Penguin told Nursery children how to stay safe when using the internet.
Reception children have created a Safer Internet display in their classroom.

Year 1 class listened to the story of Zap and Zoom.
Children in Year 2 worked in small groups to decide which online activities were age appropriate.

Year 3 complete activities to consider how to stay safe online.
With a partner, Year 4 thought about when they seek permission to share personal information.

Year 5 were interested to know more about how privacy settings should be used with popular apps.
Year 6 were advised to consider the personal information that they could divulge online without even realising it.