Event - Safer Internet Day

11 February 2020

Safer Internet Day was celebrated around the world on Tuesday 11th February 2020. The global theme was ‘together for a better internet’ and this year in the UK, the focus was on how young people explore and express their identity online.

As part of our Safety Internet Day, our local PCSO’s (Julie and Kelly) came into school to talk to children and parents about how to stay safe online. We learnt lots of valuable information and the PCSO’s were able to answer any questions. It has given us a greater understanding of the potential risks online and how we can use the internet safely.

Throughout the day, the children have been looking at different aspects of online safety so we can understand the importance of working together for a better internet.

In the morning, PCSO Julie spoke to parents and pupils.
We watched a clip that demonstrated how people could potentially deceive us online.

Children from KS2 had the opportunity to ask questions about their concerns.
Nursery children enjoyed using the internet to support their number and word recognition.

Smartie the penguin reminded us how to stay safe when using the internet.
In Reception, we talked about making good internet choices.

Year 1 pupils are showing the work they have completed after talking about keeping our personal information safe on the internet.
Year 2 children have been thinking about identity and what makes me, ‘me’.

Children created a poster about themselves, deciding what is safe to share.
During a Year 3 lesson, we discussed and annotated an information text about staying safe online.