Event - Caritas Christi Science Week

26 June 2018

Science ignites children's curiosity and offers opportunities for children to develop their scientific knowledge and skills of planning, conducting investigations, observing, questioning, gathering information, reasoning, teamwork and evaluating their findings. Science allows children develop an understanding of the world around them and it stimulates a lifelong interest in Science.

We started the morning with a science demonstration by Jupiter Jack of Mad Science. He filled a funnel with potassium, iron powder and icing sugar, then by using a blow torch, he lit the mixture to create an impressive 'dragon's breath'.

Next, Jupiter Jack demonstrate several experiments using dry ice, which he explained is not made out of water and will never melt. Our favourite experiment was the massive bubble bath, this involved handfuls of dry ice, washing up liquid and boiling water. This process is called sublimation. The effect was amazing!

After the science show, we had the opportunity to visit the science stalls from other schools within the Caritas Christi group. It was a wonderful opportunity to try new experiments and share ideas.

Children from Year 4 said:

  • "I loved making my own slime to take home."
  • "I enjoyed explaining to other children how to make a circuit."
  • "Exploring science is exciting."

St Gerard's science stall about electricity circuits.
How can we make shadows?

St Paul's School for Girls helped us to paint with bubbles.
St Vincent's Primary School created a volcano.

Making 'dragon's breath'.
The vortex generator was filled with smoke to show the air being pushed out.

Handfuls of dry ice chips and washing up liquid were placed in the bucket.
Jupiter Jack added two kettles of boiling water.

We were amazed by the effect.
As the bubbles are popped, carbon dioxide gas is released.

At St Clare's Primary School stand, we used three ingredients to make slime.
Children from Year 4 demonstrated how to make a circuit.

With the help of St Joseph's Primary School we explored sound.
We used our hands to make animal shaped shadows puppets.

We used playdough to create an electric circuit to make a lightbulb shine with St August's Primary School.
Before we left, we were presented with a certificate.