Event - Science Week

9 March 2020

This week we have been celebrating science at St Gerard’s Primary. We have been thinking about the importance of science in our everyday life whilst enjoying science activities.

The theme this year was ‘Our Diverse Planet’. This encourages us to think about the amazing diversity we see on our planet, including different animals, habitats, cultures and more!

Scientists believe there are approximately 8.7 million different species on our planet. Our planet is full of a wide variety of habitats and incredible landscapes. Even now, we are still exploring and discovering new places.

Each class found out about different types of scientist such as ornithologist, metallurgist and epidemiologist. We investigated what these scientists do, what equipment they might use and why their work is important. In addition, we discussed and challenged our view on what we expect a scientist to look like.

Each class devised an investigation and carried out a science activity on the theme of our diverse planet.

"I am among those who think that science has great beauty." Marie Curie

In Nursery, we used our palaeontology skills to look at an elephant fossil.
We used ourr sense of touch to identify a diverse range of fabrics hidden in ‘feely boxes’.

Year 1 used touch to find a soft, fluffy fabric and sense of smell to find a minty scent.
Next, they used their senses to help solve a problem.

Year 2 researched facts about our diverse planet.
Year 2 created an experiment to see which particular ball was the best bouncer.

Year 3 investigated the question ‘Is everyone’s body the same?’ We drew ourselves on a life-size scale.
The results were that everybody is different, even family members!

Year 4 created an electrical circuit using fruit as a power source.
Which fruit or vegetable will light up the bulb?

Year 5 investigated which ingredients make the best bath bombs.
They predicted and recorded the results.

Year 6 investigated their taste buds.
Are you a super taster?