Event - Year 2 Visit Selly Manor

7 April 2017

We were welcomed to Selly Manor in Birmingham, which is an amazing house that is almost 400 years old! We listened as Mary talked to us about all the special features of the house. We listened very carefully as we were told all about the people who used to live here. We shared some interesting facts that we had learnt in class about the Great Fire of London.

We were shown around the house and we learned about how people in the past laid the table for a special meal. Mary showed us lots of interesting pieces of furniture, like the bench that turned into a table.

Next we went upstairs to look at the bedrooms, and we even had the chance to dress up in some costumes.

We thought about how houses in 1666 were different from the houses we live in today. We found out that houses in 1666 didn't have electricity or central heating, so they used fire for heat, light and cooking. It was easy in those days for a houses to burn down, as the houses were made of wood. Only very rich people could afford brick houses. This is how the Great Fire of London started! Also, houses at that time only had a few rooms and no bathrooms.

Later in the day, we played some games which children would have played back in 1666. Mary made our day very informative and lots of fun!

Setting the table.
The dining hall.

The fireplace where people cooked their food.
Up in the attic where the female servants would have slept.

Dressing up as boys and girls in 1666.
The bedroom at Selly Manor

Playing games.
In the past children had simple spinning top games.