Event - Year 2 trip to Selly Manor

7 March 2018

Selly Manor is an amazing house in Birmingham that is almost 400 years old! We listened carefully as we were informed about the people who used to live here, then we shared interesting facts that we had learnt in class about the Great Fire of London.

As we were shown around the house, we learnt about how the dining room was the most important room in the house, as the fire gave the occupants heat, light and cooked food.

Next, we passed around a heavy leather bucket and tried on a leather firefighter helmet. They were both very heavy. We realised that the leather bucket would have been useless at putting fires out and the helmet would not have protected the men at all.

Later we played many different games that children would have played at the time of the Great Fire of London in 1666. We juggled, played skittles and used a Jacob's Ladder.

The firefighter helmet was a great fit.
In the kitchen, we learnt that spices were very expensive so only rich people could afford them.

Whilst in the dining hall we discovered how they cooked on an open fire.
In in the attic we discovered that the girl servants would have slept upstairs. Now the attic is used to store armour.

We passed around a heavy bucket as they did during the Great Fire.
We played traditional games such as quoits and cups.

We had the opportunity to ask questions about life at Selly Manor.