Event - Spanish Assembly

14 February 2019

During weekly Spanish lessons, children in KS2 have been preparing a demonstration to present to the rest of the school. Each class researched a different area of Spanish culture, history and famous people.

It was also a great opportunity to learn new vocabulary and improve our conversational Spanish. Take a look at the photographs below to see our different activities.

Phoebe said, "I enjoyed watching the Year 6 presentation, where they showed flamenco dancing."

"My favourite part was Year 4 dancing because they performed really well in Spanish," said Michelle.

Year 3 performed a song called 'Hola, como estas'.
The song helped children from Year 3 to improve their Spanish vocabulary.

In Year 4 Spanish lessons, we have been researching facts about Madrid.
Year 4 class performed a 'chotis' dance, which is typical dance of Madrid.

Year 5 researched the annual bull race at the Saint Fermin Festival.
Pupils from Year 5 discovered the origins of this famous festival.

Children from Year 6 researched the different variations of the Spanish language.
Year 6 improved their foreign language skills by learning Spanish greetings.