Event - Spanish Day

27 May 2016

This year the Spanish Day at St Gerard's was packed with exciting activities. All classes took part in Latin dance lessons and had a go at dancing a bit of Cha Cha and Paso Doble!

Alice, the dance teacher was very impressed with the children's dance skills and commented on how fabulous the behaviour and attitude was across the school.

The children also had a chance to enjoy the lovely weather by taking part in Spanish games and relays in the playground.

Back in the classroom every class looked and learnt about different topics suitable. This is what they did:

  • Nursery made some amazing Picasso style paintings and created super colourful rainbows to show the eleven colours they have learnt in Spanish. They also showed amazing speaking skills when the whole class counted in Spanish up to 10. Excelente!
  • Reception learnt about why Mexicans celebrate the 5th of May. The children tasted Mexican food and made traditional musical instruments and arts and crafts.
  • Year 1 was all about Mexico's Independence Day. They children designed and wore Mexico's traditional ponchos and created guitars and flags from Spanish speaking countries.
  • Year 2 children were very excited to learn about Mexico's Lucha Libre (Professional Wrestling). They were amazed to find out that wrestlers wear colourful masks during matches and they will only remove them when they lose. The whole class created their own individual masks using very colourful mosaic style patterns. They also made 'Worry Dolls' from Nicaragua. The tradition says that if you have a worry you should tell it to your doll and put her under your pillow, and the following morning all your worries will be gone!
  • In Year 3 children learnt about Nuestra Señora de Luján (Our Lady of Luján). The class used a 'prayer maker' to write beautiful prayers in Spanish and also created intricate designs of Our Lady of Lujan using a variety of techniques.
  • Year 4 created booklets displaying and labeling different types of musical instruments in Spanish. The children used dictionaries to help them describe each of the musical instruments. They also put on a great show during the assembly by singing a very catchy tune about Musical Instruments.
  • Year 5 investigated what 'The day of the dead' is all about. They learnt how people in Mexico remember and honour the lives of those who passed away by having this beautiful celebration. During the assembly they sang the Skeleton Cumbia and created colourful skulls. They also used wool and wooden skewers to create fabulous 'God's Eyes'. Mexican people believe that a God's Eyes are used to fend off evil spirits.
  • Year 6 decided to look at Spain. The children created amazing designs of flamenco and matador jackets and decorated them using several materials and embellishments. During assembly they showed off their speaking skills when they sang and acted out 'The Sleeping Beauty' tale.

What an amazing day. Everybody at St Gerard's was involved and had fun and we all learnt many new things. It was brilliant to see every class singing, dancing and playing in Spanish.

Thank you to all the staff for being so supportive and trying so hard. The children were a credit to you! Cannot wait until next year! Adiós y gracias!

Señora Dormi

Children wore clothes related to the flags of Spanish speaking countries.
Lots of colourful outfits on Spanish day.

Nursery have been learning the colours of a rainbow in Spanish.
Reception children enjoyed making castanets, Spanish flags and musical maracas.

Year 1 carefully painting a sombrero.
In Year 1 we created a colourful poncho.

Year 2 energetically dancing the Paso Doble to Spanish music.
Year 2 making a colourful Luchador Mask.

Year 3 have created a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
Year 3 listened to Spanish instructions in their PE lesson.

Year 4 designed a 'Los instruments musicales' booklet.
Year 4 playing Spanish games outside.

Year 5 chopping ingredients for delicious salsa & guacamole dips.
Year 5 making creative Mexican gods eyes.

Year 6 decorate matador jackets.
Year 6 designed flamenco dresses with different textured materials.

At the end of the day we shared our learning with a whole school congratulations assembly.
Children demonstrating their new Spanish dancing skills.