Event - Spanish Day

22 June 2017

Hola! This is Señora Dormi. I just wanted to tell you a bit about our exciting Spanish Day this year.

On Thursday 22nd June all children and staff at were immersed in cultural activities and had plenty of opportunities to develop and practise their Spanish language skills across the curriculum. We were very excited to welcome Laura, a Spanish dance specialist, into the school to run dance workshops with the children.

The children and the staff came to school wearing the colours of one of the 21 Spanish speaking countries flags. Some children wore beautiful traditional Spanish outfits such as Flamenco dresses! All classes took part in dance Flamenco and Salsa dance session (don't forget to check Twitter to see the children in action!) Plus, there were plenty of opportunities for curriculum enrichment through cross-curricular activities.

Picasso was the inspiration behind our nursery children to create their own bouquet of flowers and 'funny faces' Picasso style. During assembly, the children showed us their amazing work and also counted numbers up to 5.

Reception learnt about Peru and the colours of its flag. They also made beautiful 'LLamas' and used straws to create a traditional instrument from the country called 'zampoña'. During the assembly they also sang the colours song for us.

Year 1 went on an imaginary trip to Mexico where they learnt about Father Miguel Hidalgo and how his movement lead Mexico's independence in 1821. The children made Mexican men bookmarks, patterned colourful sombreros and Mexican Cactuses wearing sombreros and marracas. As if this was not enough, they also learn all numbers up to 20.

Year 2 looked at Guatemala and learnt about their worry dolls. They also researched and made festive masks used during Guatemala's Festivals. Excelente!

Year 3 went back in history and told us everything about Christopher Columbus and how he discovered 'The Americas'. They made the three boats, Santa Maria, La Niña and La Pinta and told us why the 12th of October is now the 'Cultural diversity day' which is celebrated in many countries in South America. Year 3 also showed us their arty side by creating paintings depicting cultural diversity and unity across the world.

El Salvador was year's 4 choice. They managed to include PHSE, geography, RE and art by exploring this amazing country. The children looked at El Salvador's map, filled a country file fact file, created questionnaires based on information gathered about the country. They also got their creative juices flowing by creating post cards and made beautiful Salvadorian crosses. During assembly they sang 'Jesus loves me' in Spanish to perfection.

Year 5 taught us how molas form part of the traditional outfit worn by Panama's Kuna women. Mrs Jones and her class created truly beautiful designs with a variety of geometrical shapes in a range of bright colours.

Year 6 researched Spain and its culture, food, geography and sports. They created amazingly flamboyant Spanish matador jackets and flamenco dresses. They decorated them using a variety of materials and embellishments. Year 6 also performed one of Shakira's newest songs 'La Bicicleta'. The performance was just fabulous and I felt very proud to watch them perform such a tricky song to perfection.

All in all, it was another very successful Spanish Day! I would like to say a big 'Gracias' to all the staff and children who took part.

Children in nursery learnt about the Spanish artist Picasso.
During congratulations assembly nursery explained what they had learnt today.

TReception children have learnt colours in Spanish.
We made Llama's in reception using college materials.

Year 1 use bright colours to paint sombreros.
Colourful artwork from Year 1.

In Year 2 we found out that in Guatemala, children tell the doll their worries then put the doll under their pillow at night, so the worry goes away.
Year 2 looked at some masks that people in Guatemala wear at festival time. We used felt tips and collage to create our own design.

Year 3 learning the steps to a salsa dance.
Children from Year 3 sharing their work during congratulations assembly.

Year 4 have created fact file and postcards for different Spanish speaking countries.
Year 4 work designed Crosses of Hope based on crosses made in El Salvador.

Year 5 tasted fruits of the rainforest and learnt their Spanish name.
Children from Year 5 have created Panama paper mola art.

Year 6 making matador and Spanish ladies costume using different materials.
Learning the footsteps to a traditional Spanish Flamenco dance in Year 6.

At the end of the day we held a whole school congratulation assembly.