Event - Year 5 Spirit and Sport Day

2 July 2019

On Tuesday 2nd July, children from Year 5 enjoyed a day at St Edmund Campion School to take part in the annual 'Spirit and Sport' day.

Several local Catholic schools joined us for a day of taster lessons and sporting activities. After morning prayers, we split into smaller groups to participate in different lessons. These included; RE, chemistry, Spanish, crash bang wallop music, art, making tapas, poetry in motion.

During the afternoon, we walked to the fielding fields to compete in various sporting events led by the PE Team. We had a great time finding out more about life at a senior school.

'Achieving Together Through Christ'

Making a Native American totem pole.
Adding chemicals to the boiling tube.

We have made ‘rainbow fizz’.
We recorded our results to share later.

Arriving at St Edmund Campion field fields.
A game of endball.

Competing in the boys’ 200 metres race.
The boys’ 400 metre relay team.

The girls’ 400 metre relay team.
Cheering our team mates!