Event - Spiritual Council Assembly

20 and 21 December 2017

Children from the Spiritual Council have been preparing for several weeks to lead an assembly to both key stages with the focus being on Gaudete Sunday and the third week of Advent.

Each member led a different part of the assembly and they designed a PowerPoint to reiterate their message.

The assembly commenced with a time of reflection linked in to how we can prepare for Jesus' second coming. They then read Sunday's Gospel and spoke to the children about the message of John the Baptist. They led the children in reflective prayer and chose volunteers to place 'sorry stones' around the Advent wreath, while sharing what they were sorry for and praying for God's forgiveness.

We ended each assembly with a Christmas carol.

"As a member of the Spiritual Council I have important responsibilities."
"I wish to strengthen the faith of everyone within school."
"We demonstrate the Gospel Virtues to our peers."

We had a time for reflection at the beginning of the assembly.
What does Advent mean?

Children shared what they would like to say sorry for and we prayed for forgiveness.
We discussed the Gospel Virtues.

We joined to pray for forgiveness.
The Spiritual Council were pleased with the enthusiastic participation.