Event - Steve Murray Retreat Day

26 March 2018

Today, Steve Murray introduced his style of human theatre where the Gospel is delivered in a fresh, unique and inspirational style through mime.

Initially, Steve told us the story of Saul who was on the road to Damascus and how Jesus appeared to Saul as a bright light. Where upon Saul was filled with the Holy Spirit.

During different workshops throughout the day, children had the opportunity to work with Steve to create statues demonstrating peaks of emotion. In small groups, we created emotional scenes relating to Holy Week.

"I know that Jesus is the Lamb of God," said Lewis.

Ruby said, "Jesus made the biggest sacrifice for us."

"I really enjoyed working together during the workshop," replied Joseph.

God spoke to a Christian man named Ananias.
Saul was filled with the Holy Spirit.

Year 4 worked to improve their scene.
Jesus nailed to the cross.

Year 5 worked on a group activity.
Jesus died for our sins.

The performance was very moving.
Remembering that the Son of God died and rose again.