Event - Feast Day of St Gerard

15 October 2021

We celebrated the feast of our School Patron, St Gerard.

We began by celebrating Mass together as a whole school community. Children from the Spiritual Council prepared and led the Mass. They wrote their own bidding prayers, which were shared and selected the hymns, which were sang beautifully, making it a wonderful celebration!

During his Homily, Father taught us that despite living a life of poverty and ill-health, St Gerard is a perfect role-model as his heart was always filled with compassion and he was known for his selfless nature.

After Mass, children went back to their classes and learnt more about our School Patron. They took part in a range of activities throughout the day including, artwork, producing fact files, making board games about his life, posters, creating puppets, writing prayers and much more!

Nursery made a St Gerard’s cross with a heart and baby feet to show that he looked after mothers and their babies.
After Mass, nursery children found the display of St Gerard and said their prayers.

Reception children created a fact file.
Pupil in Year 1 designed colourful posters.

Year 2 children recorded all the wonderful talents that St Gerard shared in his life.
They reflected on how St Gerard helped others.

In Year 3, children wrote prayers to St. Gerard.
Children in Year 4 discussed facts about St. Gerard with a partner.

Some of the children in Year 5 decided to make a board game with interesting facts.
Pupils in Year 6 researched and created a fact file about our school saint.

Some children used their creative skills to make a 3D model of St Gerard.
Year 5 children used art materials to make a collage.