Event - Takeover Day

11 November 2016

On the 11th of November, the Year Six Students took over the school as teachers, for example: Head Teacher, Deputy Head, Class Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Spanish Teacher, Dinner Supervisor and office staff. This is the day we step into the Teacher's shoes and we become responsible for the children in younger classes.

We had to apply for the job that we wanted by filling in an application form. When we completed the application form, our jobs were picked for us. We were so lucky that nearly everyone got the job they wanted. Everyone was so excited for the day ahead of us!

For the last couple of weeks, we were planning for the day ahead, and thinking about all of our lessons for the younger children. Everyone was so excited to work with the younger children because we could teach them new things that they had not learnt before.

In the first part of the day we had a briefing with Mr Hird and Mrs Foley. In the morning Miss Brown and Miss Clarke had an assembly where they talked about Remembrance day and congratulated the children for their great work during Vocations week.

I thought the day was really exciting because we got to step into the adult's shoes and be responsible for everything we do. It was like we were adults because we took over the school and we were expected to be responsible in our jobs. It's safe to say all of the children in Year Six very much enjoyed today, not only because they could teach the children but because they could take on the responsibility of preparing lessons and watching over the children.

by Blake and Niamh

Display of the various activities undertaken by Year 6 pupils.
Year 6 receiving their job offers.

A focus led lesson in Reception class.
Working in the school office.

Our Takeover Day Headteacher.
Undertaking the role of Deputy Headteacher.

PE teachers carried out sports lesson throughout the day.
Art activities with Nursery children.

Each Year 6 pupil planned their lesson.
Leading a maths lesson.

A fantastic experience for all of us!