Event - Takeover Day

10 November 2017

On the 10th November, the young people of Year 6 took over the school for the day as teachers, teaching assistants, head teacher, deputy head, dinner supervisors and office staff. This is the day that Year 6, step into the teachers shoes and became responsible and mature people, as we show the younger people how to act. Initially, we had to formally apply for the job that we wanted by filling out a detailed application form.

Next, Mr Crehan chose who he considered to be the most suitable candidate to fill each position. We were so excited for the day to arrive!

In the morning, Year 6 had a short meeting with their respective teachers to discuss planning for the day ahead. Each of us were thinking how to teach our class and what lessons we wanted to do. Everyone was excited because they could teach the younger children new things that they may not of learnt before.

The first part of the morning as very nice because Miss Clarke, Miss Harper and Mr Ryan had a briefing with us and I found this helpful because they wished us good luck and hoped that we would have a lovely day.

I thought the day was brilliant as we had an opportunity to become adults and to be role models for the younger children. I think it is fair to say that the people in Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learnt a lot from this vocations experience.

by Vaisey, Year 6

Leading prayers in nursery at the start of the day.
We practised number formation with reception children.

The day gave us the opportunity to consider whether we will be 'called' to be teachers.
In Year 2, I planned my lesson for the day.

We supported the children in their learning in Year 3.
I led the lesson in Year 4.

Preparing a PE lesson was a great experience.
Origins of the Cadbury Empire.

As Headteacher, I checked that everything was running smoothly.
I thoroughly enjoyed my role as deputy Headteacher.

All of Year 6 agreed that Takeover Day is a wonderful experience and much harder work that expected!