Event - Takeover Day

16 November 2018

On the 16th November, the young people of Year 6 'took over' the school for the day as teachers, teaching assistants, head teacher, deputy head, dinner supervisors and office staff. This is the day that Year 6, step in the teacher's shoes and become the most responsible, mature and excellent people, as we show the younger children how to act.

Initially, we had to formally apply for the job that we wanted by filling out a detailed application form. Next, Mr Crehan chose who would be the most responsible and suitable child to fill each important position.

In the morning, Y6 had a short meeting with their main teacher to discuss planning for the day ahead. Each of us were thinking about how to teach our assigned class and all the work we needed to do. The younger children were exited for their new wonderful teachers.

The first part of the morning was very nice because Miss Hughes, Miss Rani and Mr Vintila had a briefing with us and I found this very helpful because they wished us good luck and hoped that we would have the best and lovely day ever.

I thought the day was excellent as we had an opportunity to become adults and to be the most sensible role models for the best younger children. I think the day went amazing as all days are in this magnificent catholic school.

by Kye and Arthur

"It was an exciting day, that I really enjoyed."
"I was very nervous at first."
"We were responsible for our school for the whole of the day."

Year 6 ready for Takeover Day!
The Headteacher gave a briefing in the morning.

The Deputy Head checked each class was working hard.
PE teacher developing skills.

Teaching in Nursery was very enjoyable.
Year 1 teacher explaining the lesson ahead.

Year 2 teacher checking sentences.
Year 3 teaching assistant preparing resources.

Year 4 teacher leading a computing lesson.
In Year 5, we worked using the laptops.

Year 6 teaching assistant checking behaviour around school.
Working in the busy school office.