Event - Takeover Day

15 November 2019

Takeover Day is the day that Year 6 step into the teachers’ shoes and ‘run’ the school. Year 6, show that they can be responsible and mature ambassadors for the younger children.

Initially, they formally applied for the job that they wished for by completing a detailed application form. Next, Mr Crehan selected the applicants for each position. Children had the opportunity to meet with their assigned class to prepare planning and work ready for Takeover Day.

The day was a great success with Year 6 being role models to the younger children.

"I enjoyed the responsibility when I became the music teacher for the day," said Emma.

Camelia said, "It was a very exciting day that I really enjoyed."


Children from Year 6 led an assembly.
Everyone had a rewarding day.

Just for today, we have two new deputy head teachers.
Our new head teacher for the day.

Four Year 6 boys leading a PE lesson.
Marking books in Year 5.

Supporting a literacy lesson in Year 4.
Preparing the next lesson.

Children in nursery enjoyed working their new teachers and teaching assistants.