Event - Villa Vitality at Villa Park

May and June 2017

For their final part of the Villa Vitality programme, Years 5 and 6 visited Villa Park. When we arrived, we were greeted by Nigel and Sam who reminded us about the importance of healthy living. They showed us how to warm-up correctly and we did so, by playing some fun warm-up games.

After, we were split into teams and took part in a variety of activities which helped us to practise some football skills, including dribbling the ball, passing and shooting.

Next, we took part in a series of football matches and played a mini tournament. It was great fun and the winning team were awarded with certificates and special medals!

Once we had our well-deserved lunch, we were privileged to be taken on a stadium tour around Villa Park. We got to explore behind the scenes in the changing rooms, walked through the tunnel with pride and sat in the dug-out with a view of the spectacular pitch.

We had a great day - one that we'll remember for a long time!

During the first session children worked out their resting heart rate and compared this to their heart rate after exercise.
In the second session Year 5 used the iPads to calculate how many calories they consumed last week after they completed a food diary.

How much sugar do we eat?
We were surprised to find out that a bag of Haribo sweets contains a shocking 29 teaspoons of sugar!

We investigated the nutrition facts of different types of food.
In session 4, the children thought about how they can keep active.

Next we took part in a circuit of multi-skills activities outside in the sunshine!
Years 5 and 6 visited Villa Park.

We had a fantastic time at Villa Park.
Children had a tour of Villa Park.

In the changing rooms at Villa park.