Event - Vocations Week

7 to 11 November 2016

This week we have had numerous visitors to discuss their vocations and roles. It has been an exciting week with many activities across the school.

Our visitors have included the fire service who brought a fire engine into our school playground. Police officers' rans workshops about their careers and important online safety issues, a professional photographer talked about the numerous careers available in this field.

We also had visits from Fr Soji, Sainsbury's, a school governor, IT technician, Kombat Karate and the Think Tank Museum, Birmingham. A lady from Zoolab brought a variety of different creatures including a snail, a millipede and a snake which we were able to hold. We learnt lots of fascinating things about their habitats and eating habits.

We finished the week with Take Over Day, where Year 6 pupils ran the school by leading an assembly and delivering all lessons for the day.

Nursery found out why it is important for fire fighters to wear protective clothing.
Nursery discovered more about the role of firefighters on their visit to Safeside, Birmingham.

Our parish priest, Fr Soji explained to Reception how he helps and supports people in our community.
Year 1 were explored a fire engine. They had great fun using the water hose and sounding the siren.

Year 2 enjoyed their visit from the ThinkTank. They looked at the iron content in breakfast cereals.
Year 3 pupils helped police officers use speed guns on local traffic, and talked about how to stay safe.

Year 3 had a visit from Zoolab and met various creatures, including this corn snake. We also discussed how to care for animals.
Year 4 had a visit from the ThinkTank. This is cricket flour. Insects have lots more protein than chicken or eggs, and some cultures regularly eat them.

Year 4 made a pinhole camera with a professional photographer. We took and developed photos, and discussed different careers in photography.
Year 5 asked questions about the different careers available within a large supermarket.

Kombat Karate taught Year 6 controlled moves in self-defence and discussed the role of a sports coach.
In Year 6 Zoolab brought various animals and bugs for us to see and sometimes hold.