Event - Vocations Week

6 to 10 November 2017

During this week, we have had numerous visitors to discuss their vocations and choice of career. It has been an exciting week with many activities across the school.

Visitors from the Thinktank Museum demonstrated different science experiments, PCSO Julie talked about the diverse careers available within the police force and Fr Soji explained how he was called to his vocation in the church.

We met with a professional photographer who explained the vast array of career options within the photography industry. Then we made individual pinhole cameras to take and develop a photograph.

Mr Buck and Mr Hartop explained more about their different roles in the computer software and IT industry and we had the opportunity to ask numerous in depth questions.

Our new Headteacher, Mrs Buck, met with children from each class to explain why she became a teacher, then a Headteacher and what a vocation means to her.

We finished the week with Take Over Day, where Year 6 pupils ran the school by leading an assembly and delivering all lessons for the day.

Nursery learnt about the role of a hospital nurse.
The school nurse discussed how she helps child and their families.

Year 2 receive a visit from the Thinktank and feel some real shark teeth!
Fr Soji explains the role of a parish priest to Year 3 pupils.

Year 3 and 6 went outside to take a photograph using their pinhole cameras.
Mrs Buck talked about her vocation to be a Headteacher to several classes.

Year 4 used lots of energy in their Tae Kwon Do session.
Mr Buck, a computer software engineer demonstrated some of the equipment he uses.

We discovered the numerous vocations within the photograph industry.
Children from Year 3 and 6 each made pinhole camera.

Display work of vocations week.