Event - Vocations Week

12 to 16 November 2018

"Lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God."
Ephesians 4:1

During this week, people visited our school telling us about their vocations. Additionally, on Friday Year 6 took over the school by being the teachers and other staff members.

Some of the guests who visited our school were PCSO Julie, a member of the British Army, a Taekwondo teacher, a nun, a photographer, a CAD Engineer and Zoolab. The police officer explained how important it is or not drink and drive and for pedestrians to take care near roads. The Army Officer spoke about all of the physical and academic training that is undertaken and how much fun can be had in the army. The Taekwondo leader taught us a block, a punch and a kick move.

We also met a coach of a football team and he told us all about how to do good skills and the rules of playing fair football. The seminarian told us about his training and how he was inspired to enter the priesthood.

Mr Hartop spoke to us about computers and the software. He informed us of some tips for if our computer/laptop breaks or does not turn on. Mrs Buck spoke to us about her job and who inspired her to be a teacher.

She wanted to move to this magnificent school because she has heard good things about our wonderful catholic school.

by Arthur and Kye, Year 6

"Wherever God has put you that is your vocation. It is not what we do
but how much love we put into it."
St Teresa of Calcutta

Whole school assembly to launch 'Vocations Week.'
In our Fire Station role-play, nursery help to put out fires and rescue people from tall buildings!

Just like nurses, we can care for babies in our hospital role-play.
Zoolab told us how to care for different types of animals.

A nun from the Sisters of Mercy Order spoke about her vocation.
TYear 1 teacher explaining the lesson ahead.

An officer from the British Army told us about his training.
Year 5 had a behind the scenes tour of a large supermarket.

We discovered more about the different roles in store.
PCSO Julie informed us about her role in the local community.

We practised the moves during a Taekwondo session.
A police officer explained why his enjoyed his role.

We made a design on paper that the engineer created using a 4D printer.
Seminarian Peter, told us about his lengthy training to become a priest.