Event - The Wind in the Willows

5 February 2016

On Friday 5th February we were lucky enough to have a visit from Image Musical Theatre, who performed their own version of Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows.

To begin with, we had to take part in some warm up activities to make sure our voices and bodies were ready. We made all sorts of animal noises including birds and ducks, as well as funny noises such as sirens and wind - it was very noisy! After this, ten lucky children were chosen to be actors in the production, a horse, two police men, four weasels and three stouts.

This production helped children across the school to understand how theatre productions are prepared and how much work it involves. It helped them to see that acting can be a lot of hard work and effort. However, it also let them experience how much fun it can be.

Throughout the story of The Wind in the Willows, the children learnt that actions have consequences and how important friends are. They also learnt that you don't necessarily need everything that you want and not to be boastful about what you do have.

Through music, drama, storytelling and audience participation, the children had a chance to take part in a theatrical experience that was both extremely enjoyable and enriching.

La'Kesha in Year 5 said "It was a fabulous show and I can't wait for next year's production!"

Eagerly awaiting the start of the show.
The cast of Wind in the Willows. Children across the school took part and had fun.

The weezils and the stoats singing and the children joining in.
Audience participation at its best.

The police chasing Mr Toad.
Weezils and stoats in the 'Wild Woods'.

A Year 6 child participating as a horse.
The stoats scaring the audience.