Event - Year 1 Visual Arts

8 April 2019

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed their visual arts project with Secret City Arts.

It began with a Key Stage 1 assembly, where the children listened to the story 'Animal Lullabies'. Next, Year 1 went to the library and discussed different ideas and vocabulary to add to the story. Additionally, the children had a workshop in school to create puppets and to record music to go with the story. We then had a further visit to the library where the children enjoyed the opportunity to act out the story.

Secret City Arts are now going to put the children's version of the story together. We can't wait to see the final version our class book.

Key Stage 1 assembly led by Secret City Arts.
At the library, we used drama to create a version of The Fox and the Rabbit.

Designing our colourful puppets.
Making puppets to help us to tell the story of Animal Lullabies.

Adding actions to the story.
Recording music to go with a story.