Event - Year 2 Journey Stick

3 May 2019

When Australian Aboriginals went on long journeys, they tied objects to a stick. They would start at one end of the stick and work along it as they travelled. The objects would help them to remember events and experiences on their journey, and to tell others of their adventures.

Our two outdoor learning groups, Hedgehogs and Butterflies, from Year 2 have been inspired by this, and decided to create their own version of the ‘Journey stick’.

This activity comprised of collecting an item from the environment as we walked. Such items included flowers, grass, petals, stems, feathers and several pieces of different coloured wool. We then attached the item to our stick, which had already a piece of wool on the stick, to denote the start of the journey.

The idea not only reinforces the beautiful of our surroundings but it is also a great way of retracing our return journey.

Starting our journey.
Looking for items to add to our stick.

We added a small piece of gravel to denote the pathway.
Look what we have found! We do not pick the flowers but use a piece of purple wool instead.

The horses were pleased to see us.
What can we add to our stick to remind us of the horses?

Grey wool to remind us of the metal bench.
Now we can retrace our steps.