Event - Year 2 Visit Selly Manor

11 March 2016

Year 2 went to Selly Manor as part of our Great Fire of London topic.

We were met by Nicky, who helped some of us act out the story. One child was the maid who forgot to put the fire out in the oven which started the fire and another was King Charles II. We dressed up to look like people from 1666 and talked about how people lived during this time.

We learnt that people used to give gingerbread as gifts to people they loved and that rich people used to eat lots of meat but not many vegetables.

Later we played some games that children would have played back in those days. We juggled, played with rope hoops and a spinning top.

Next we had a tour around the Manor house and learnt more about why the fire spread so quickly. We were able to imagine what houses would have been like in during this time.

Our History topic was really brought to life today and helped us to fully understand the events in 1666.

We acted out the events of The Great Fire of London.
King Charles II men.

The fire started in a bakers' shop on Pudding Lane.
The fire started in a bakers' shop on Pudding Lane.

We helped to lay the table. The plates were made of wood and the beakers had lids on so that bugs couldn't crawl into the beer.
Did you know that fat from the cooked meat was used to make candles?

We learnt about how the food was cooked on a spit.
In 1666 children only had very simple toys to play with.