Event - Year 3's Day at Aston Villa

8 June 2017

A fabulous day was had by all of Year 3 at Aston Villa, in the company of Nigel and Sam.

First of all, they taught us some warming up techniques and tactical skills. We found out about the importance of exercise and a balanced diet for our bodies to keep healthy and improve sporting performance.

Everyone had a good attempt at the exercises, then after lunch we were taken on a tour of the stadium. We visited the players changing rooms, showers, and also the manager's changing rooms.

Before we left we were very excited to take the proud walk through players tunnel to enter the pitch.

Finding out what happens in the physio room.
We had a tour of the players' changing rooms.

We are very excited to visit Villa Park.
Sitting in the manager's chair aside the pitch.

We had a great view of the pitch.
We had the opportunity to ask lots of questions.

Well done, Year 3!