Event - Year 3 at the Hindu Cultural Centre

2 May 2018

During World Faith Week in Year 3, we have been learning about Hinduism.

Our trip to the Durga Bhawan Hindu Cultural Centre taught us about the god, Brahman who is represented in different forms within the Hindu faith.

We discovered that Hinduism is over 4,000 years old and that there are a several hundred Hindu gods, many followers have a personal god or goddess whom they pray to regularly.

Whilst on our visit, we noticed the statue of goddess Amber who has at least eight hands, we were informed that this was to show us how she cares for all her children and therefore needs more hands than us.

We found our day to be very enlightening; we observed a prayer service after which we were offered a piece of fruit, which had previously been blessed. We all enjoyed the experience and were thankful for the gifts offered to us. We were grateful for the opportunity to ask questions to help us understand Hindu beliefs in more depth. On our return to class we will continue to research this faith.