Event - Year 3 at the Shree Ram Mandir

21 June 2016

As part of our whole school multi-faith week, Year 3 visited the Shree Ram Mandir in Birmingham. We were interested in learning more about the Hindu faith and customs.

The building used to be a cinema but was converted to a temple in 1986. Prayer services take place at 11am and 6pm every day. The service starts with lots of bells rung loudly to wake the gods and gain their attention. During the service candles are lit and the priest will bless everyone with sprinkles of blessed water. Whilst praying people will touch their heads between the eyebrows as this is considered the most intelligent part of the brain, some people place a red or yellow dot there.

After the service we took at closer look at the deities in the shrine and around the temple to try and understand further what they represent within the Hindu faith.

Once we had made sketch drawings of the deities, it was time to return to school and continue our investigation into this religion.

Ambe Mataji. Deities are treated like people.
Learning about the Hindu faith.

The priest has lit candles during the prayer service.
Offerings of fruit and flowers are given and must not be wasted.

The front of the shrine with a decorated dome above.
We asked lots questions about the Hindu prayer service.

We clapped along with the music.
Hanuman. Temples will often have symbols to reflect good fortune.