Event - Year 4 First Holy Communion

26 June 2021

Children of Year 4 have prepared to receive two Sacraments; Reconciliation and Holy Communion. Through studying the Bible stories, where Jesus taught his disciples forgiveness and how Jesus healed through the power of forgiveness, the children understood that to become closer to God we should say sorry, forgive others and go to confession.

In preparing for their First Holy Communion, the children read the story of Jesus' Last Supper. They know that Jesus took bread and wine, blessed it and gave it to his disciples, telling them it was his body and blood. The children understand how every Mass is a re-enactment of this event.

The Mass was a wonderful celebration as the children received their First Holy Communion with great reverence and joy. Thank you to everyone who joined us on this special occasion.

"The Eucharist is essential for us: it is Christ who wishes to enter our lives and fill us with his grace." Pope Francis