Event - Year 4 Science of Sound

7 February 2017

What is sound? How do our ears work? How can we make sounds louder? These are some of the questions that we thought about on our class visit to Symphony Hall, Birmingham.

We met Ruth, a science communicator who transformed the Symphony Hall into an interactive science laboratory. She explained with practical examples and fun demonstrations, how sound is made, travels and how we hear sounds.

Ruth also demonstrated a variety of sounds using a collection of strange instruments, including a didgeridoo, glass of water and the giant mooing bucket, as well the impressive organ at the Symphony Hall with its 6000 pipes.

After lunch, we had a walk around Birmingham to see some of the major sites in our city before we headed back to school.

The hall is shaped like a shoe box. The ceiling can move down to alter the sound in the hall.
The lowest sound on the organ can be felt rather than heard.

When rubbing the rim of the glass, the note got higher with less water.
Enjoying our visit outside Symphony Hall.

Year 4 in Victoria Square.
Walking past Central Library admiring the design.

Birmingham Council House.
Year 4 on the way back to school.