Event - Year 5 visit the Central Mosque

14 February 2017

During multi-faith week, Year 5 are learning about Islam. To find out more about the Islamic faith, we went on an educational visit to Birmingham Central Mosque. It was a very informative visit.

We learnt about the five pillars of Islam, which are duties Muslims must carry out, helping them to feel that they are members of the worldwide Muslim community.

On our tour of the mosque, we also identified its features and learnt that to show respect, Muslims must take off their shoes and carry out a washing ritual, called 'wudu' before praying. Before our tour ended, we took part in a quiz to show our understanding of what we had learnt.

Later, we then visited the Islamic Experience Centre. This is an interactive multi-media exhibition for schools on the faith, Islam. Different speakers talked to us about Islamic history, family life and Islamic attitude to Science and the environment. The children handled a range of artefacts, enjoyed trying on traditional Muslim clothing and even learnt how to greet one another in Arabic!

The exhibition was professionally created and gave us an opportunity to see Islam in its true form, as well as being an opportunity to talk to devout Muslims about their faith.

Taking off our shoes before entering the prayer hall.
Exploring the washing 'wudu' area.

Learning about the mihrab, the alcove in the wall pointing in the direction of Mecca.
The Islamic holy book is called the Qur'an and is written in Arabic.

Eating our lunch while watching an introductory video about the Islamic Exhibition.
Learning about the journey of the prophet Muhammad.

Trying on some traditional Muslim clothing.
Exploring some beautiful Islamic geometric designs.

The Arabic alphabet is very difficult to read!
Finishing off with some fun activities.