Event - Year 5 Visit to Safeside

26 January 2018

On Friday 26th January, Year 5 visited Safeside - an educational centre, part of the Fire Service Head Quarters.

We began our visit completing workshops on road safety and safer travel. The children explored road safety issues in greater depth, explored simulations to show the effect of no seat belts and even had an opportunity to use speed guns outside the Safeside Centre to see if drivers were sticking to the 30mph speed limit!

During the safer travel workshop, children learnt the skills needed for using public transport safely and journey planning to promote independence as well as keeping themselves safe.

After lunch, the children were split into small groups and went on a tour around the full sized street scene, which includes a working pedestrian crossing, double-decker bus, building society branch, shop, train, car, canal, police station, house and much more!

Through different scenarios, the children learnt about key issues including road, fire and water safety, what to do in an emergency and other life skills for independent living.

It was a really informative, engaging and fun day out!

The law states that children must wear a booster seat until they are 12 years old or 135cm tall - whichever comes first.
Using the speed guns!

Learning how to use public transport.
Water safety at the canal side.

Keeping safe in the home and spotting different hazards.
Faced with a dilemma in the alley way.

How to use the cash machine safely.
TUnderstanding the importance of wearing a safety helmet.