Event - Year 5 Year of Mercy Pilgrimage

23 September 2016

On Friday 23rd September, Year 5 visited St Chad's Cathedral in Birmingham on a Year of Mercy Pilgrimage for children. They were joined by hundreds of other children from across the city to celebrate Mass during this special Holy Year.

When they arrived at the Cathedral, the children walked through the Door of Mercy and received special pilgrimage shells which they used to remember the lives of the Saints who inspire them. Vaisey said "I chose to remember and pray to St Grace. I admire her as she converted to the Catholic faith."

The children also thought about the lives of the 'living Saints', their family members and relatives who are now resting with God in heaven. They wrote prayers for them and posted them in special prayer boxes around the Cathedral.

Next it was time to prepare for Mass. Dan and Emily, from One Life Music, played their guitars to practise hymns, reminded the children of some signing to accompany certain hymns and encouraged the children to raise the roof of St Chad's!

Later, the Mass was celebrated by Fr Jonathan Vesey and was led by the children. Many of the children in Year 5 had special roles to play including altar serving, processing up with St Gerard's shool banner, reading and bringing up the offertory gifts.

When they arrived back at school, the children had lunch in the sunshine in Katie's Garden and reflected on the day's events. The day was a real celebration. The children were privileged to be part of such a special pilgrimage to mark the Year of Mercy - a spiritual day that will stay in their hearts forever.

Presenting our school banner.
We are celebrating the Year of Mercy.

Writing our own prayers.
Reading during Mass at with Fr Vesey.

We had a wonderful and spiritual day at St Chad's Cathedral.