Event - Year 6 Vocations trip to Sainsbury's

19 November 2016

On Thursday 19th November, we visited Sainsbury's, Castle Vale, as part of our Vocations Week. We were greeted by Sheila at Customer Services who welcomed us to her store and took us upstairs to the store's offices. She introduced herself as the Public Relations Manager who ensured that Sainsbury's was active and well-known within the local community and beyond.

Firstly, we watched this year's Christmas advert which she explained was all about diversity and how Sainsbury's strives to ensure this value is followed by the company. Most of us had seen the advert but enjoyed watching it again.

We then were taken downstairs and excitedly changed into our aprons and hats for a tour of the bakery. This was very interesting as we saw how bread was made and more importantly we saw the donut machine! The bakery staff were very informative and even let us try our hand at piping the cream into donuts and apple turnovers.

Our next stop was the warehouse where all the stock was kept. It was very busy and we could tell that Christmas was approaching by the amount of pallets that were full. Sheila explained the delivery process and all the health and safety features that have to be adhered to at all times.

The produce chiller was next on our list of places to visit and it was definitely chilly. This was where all the fruit and vegetables are stored. It was extremely chilly in there and we didn't stay in there for long. Interestingly, we learnt that potatoes and onions should not be kept in the chiller as they are root vegetables.

We then visited the Produce section where the Produce Manager told us all about her role, the role of those working with her and the importance of keeping a clean and tidy section. We asked her lots of questions and found it all quite fascinating.

Year 6 had a very informative day and it certainly opened our eyes to the many varied and important jobs there are in Sainsbury's which made us think of different roles we might be interested in for the future.

"I found it really helpful as it educated us to how things worked behind the scenes." said Nichaylah.

"It was interesting to see all the different jobs." said Kien.

Year 6 ready for their behind the scene tour of Sainsbury's.
Having a tour round the Produce Department.

Watching the Sainsbury's advert.
A Sainsbury's colleague explaining her role as Produce Manager.

Off to the bakery.
Learning how bread is made.

Piping the donuts.
Piping apple turnovers.

Sainsbury's commitment to the environment.
Checking out the paper recycling bin.