Event - Year 6 Visit St Chad's Cathedral

18 October 2018

As part of our Confirmation programme, Year 6 visited St Chad's Cathedral in Birmingham. St Chad's is known across the world as a beautiful building with a remarkable history and rich heritage.

We found out that the Cathedral was built between 1839 and 1841 and was the first Catholic Cathedral built in England since the Reformation.

It was designed by Pugin who also designed the palaces of Westminster and the iconic clock tower of Big Ben.

  • Brogan: I felt very spiritual to be in such a holy place.
  • Chloe: I felt very special to see St Chad's relics.
  • Marius: At St Chad's Cathedral I felt very special because I got to see St Chad's bones in the altar.
  • Lucie: I learnt that St Chad was kicked by a horse when he was younger.
  • Tori: Mass was really reflective and the prayers made it holy for us. He wishes us luck with our Confirmation.
  • Ria: I learnt that years ago the priest used to have his back to the people when he was saying Mass.
  • Clarissa: I felt really lucky to be able to come to St Chad's Cathedral and it was a very spiritual and holy place to worship in.
  • Guerschom: I learnt that most of the d├ęcor inside St Chad's was inspired by Pugin.

During our visit, we celebrated mass.
The chapel was decorated by Pugin.

Viewing a statue of St Chad.
The altar.

Area for priests celebrating mass.
In St. Peter's chapel.

Chapel of the Hardman family.
Stories of the crucifixion told within the art.