Event - Zoolab

13 November 2019

As part of Vocations Week, we received a visit from a Zoolab ranger. She brought along many interesting animals for the children to learn about, touch and handle.

The children learnt a range of scientific concepts, such as, the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates, exoskeletons and diets for numerous animals. The ranger also explained what her job involves to help us understand how we could help animals.

We held a herbivore stick insect that lives in trees, a curly haired tarantula called Terence who uses his hair to touch and feel. The children had the opportunity to hold snake called Madusa, she is a cold blooded reptile that flicks her tongue out to taste the air. We discovered that the two rats can not see well but have a very good sense of smell and hearing. They were called Professor Dumbledore and Snape.

Thank you to Zoolab for coming to visit St Gerard’s.