Ms Dunsford, Chair of Governors.

The aim of the Governor team at our school is to work with the staff in helping the children achieve their full potential in a happy, caring environment.

The main role of a Governing Body is that of a 'critical friend', there to give direction, support and challenge to the school leadership.

We do this in the following ways:

  • Monitoring the performance and progress of our children;
  • Monitoring and evaluating of the Catholic life of the school;
  • Working with the staff to help them teach and care for our children;
  • Deciding on how the resources of the school are best used. We have prime responsibility for the finance of the school;
  • Providing a strategic review of the school - planning ahead so that the performance of our children and our school continues to improve.

The Governor team members are representative of all the key groups involved in our school – the Parents, the Staff, the Local Authority, the Community and the Church. Some are appointed and some are elected. All serve for a term of four years.

We meet together regularly throughout the year  as a whole team, and in three sub groups focused on Finance and Staffing, Health and Safety, and the Curriculum. Individual members of the Governing Body each have a specialist subject responsibility (eg. Numeracy, Literacy, Art, ICT).

We are always keen to hear your views and I hope that we can work together to ensure that St. Gerard's continues to be a good school.

Miss Margaret Dunsford
Chair of Governors

Governing Body Members

Name Type of Governor Responsibilities
Miss M Dunsford Foundation Chair of Governors English, Pupil Premium, Health and Safety
Mrs M McConnell Foundation Vice Chair of Governor RE
Miss H Macilwraith Foundation Governor Safeguarding, Online Safety
Mrs M Martin Foundation Governor Art, DT, PSHCE
Miss B Peel Foundation Governor Science
Mrs C Sellman Foundation Governor Foundation Stage EYFS
(vacancy x 2) Foundation Governor  
Mrs A Nicholls Co-opted Governor (Link Governor) Maths, Computing, Health and Safety
Mrs J Agbajama Parent Governor PE, Extra Curricular Activities
Mrs A Gondolne-Mantler Parent Governor SEND, Inclusion
Mrs O James LA Governor PE, Extra Curricular Activities
Mr A Crehan Headteacher Assessment, Curriculum Overview, Attendance
Mrs A Martin Staff Governor Music
Mrs E Kissun Clerk to the Governors  

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Governor Profiles

Margaret Dunsford

Ms Dunsford

I am a practising Catholic and have lived in Castle Vale for 46 years. I am very proud to have been a Foundation Governor at St. Gerard's for 30 years and I am currently the Chair of the Governing Body. I value education and learning and enjoy being part of the school and parish community. I am delighted to be part of the wonderful team that looks after the running of our school; where young children get an excellent education based on our faith. My role is to support the Head and Deputy Headteachers and all the staff and to act as a critical friend. I attend meetings with the Headteacher along with other members of the Governing Body and together we deal with strategic areas such as planning for the future, monitoring performance and finance. Our mission is to ensure that our children get the very best standards of teaching and learning based on the teachings of our church and leave us equipped to develop their full potential as they continue their education.

Elaine Kissun

Mrs Kissun

My name is Elaine Kissun and I have been Clerk to the Governing Body for eleven years. The role of the Clerk involves taking minutes of the meetings both full Governing Body and the committees. The distribution of the Agenda, Minutes and any associated paperwork. Clerking is about helping the Governing Body understand its role, functions and legal duties. This is crucial in helping the Governing Body exercise its functions expediently and confidently, so that it can stay focused on its core functions.

Angela Martin

I am privileged to be the Staff Governor at St Gerard's Catholic School. As a practicing Catholic, I firmly believe that a Catholic education forms the foundation stone for life. I am married, with three grown up children, who all attended Catholic schools. This was vitally important to me as I feel that every child has a God-given right to a good education. I am of the opinion that this is best found at a Catholic School. I believe it is my duty and my vocation to strive to do my best for the children in my care. With this in mind, I will ensure that within my role I will do all I can to ensure that St Gerard's children are given every opportunity to realise their full and true potential.

Margaret McConnell

Mrs McConnell

I am a Foundation Governor responsible for RE and SRE. I have taught for 34 years in Catholic Schools in Birmingham and I was a Headteacher. I believe in Catholic education having taught in four Catholic schools (primary and secondary) and both of my children attended Catholic primary and secondary schools. I was appointed a governor at St. Gerard's in 2013 and I have enjoyed attending schools celebrations which have highlighted the talents of the children in the school. I believe passionately that all children should have the best education possible and that all children make the most of their time at St. Gerard's School.

Ann Nicholls

Mrs Nicholls

I am a Co-opted Governor and I am currently the School Business Manager at St. Gerard's School, having been in post for 16 years. The Governing Body co-opted me to give my expertise on financial matters within the school. I have volunteered my services as a Foundation Governor for the past 27 years; in 2 primary schools and one secondary school therefore I have a wealth of experience in school governance. I am passionate about Catholic education, which is why I have worked in Catholic Schools in Birmingham for 31 years. My daughters both attended St Gerard's School and then moved on to a local Catholic Secondary Schools. I am an active member of St. Gerard's Parish. St Gerard's School is very dear to my heart and I want every child to achieve their full potential both academically and spiritually in order to equip them for their adult life.