Priest's Welcome

Father Soji.

I took charge of St. Gerard's Church in September 2014 and am delighted to be the chaplain of St. Gerard's Catholic Primary School because of my vision to accomplish the world evangelisation of Europe through the coming generation.

Over these years many people have drawn zeal and enthusiasm from me in spreading the good news and have joined my team known as Sehion Catholic ministries. With my leadership many ministers have started active evangelisation in schools, universities and parishes in the UK, other European countries, and also the US and Canada.

I also introduced the one and only monthly catholic magazine for the youngsters in the UK called the Kingdom Revelator.

I wholeheartedly invite all believers to give a helping hand by participating and spreading the mission and attending our Masses.

Fr Soji

Saint Gerard's Church

St. Gerard's Church is situated on Yatesbury Avenue next to St. Gerard's Catholic Primary School.

Before the church was built, during the 70's, Mass was originally celebrated in the Parish centre. Even though it had encountered much financial debt, the church was granted permission from Archbishop Dwyer to proceed with the building in the spring of 1980.

The Blessing and Opening of the Church was led by Bishop Leo McCartie, 22 December 1981 in the presence of our first Parish Priest Fr Harrington.

Fr Michael Knight became the second Parish Priest and remained in this position for over 35 years. Our green tower was a project that he was extremely proud of. He will always be remembered as someone who dedicated his life to serving others.

All debts of the church were finally paid off during Fr Knights time as Parish Priest and on 21st June 2001, the church was consecrated by the Most Rev Archbishop Vincent Nicholls.

Those of you who remember John Paul II's visit to Coventry in 1982 will have your own memories of the day of this momentous occasion. Here at St. Gerard's, we have our own very piece of history from that day, because the altar (well, half of it at least) has graced our church for the last 30 years. It continues to be the focus of all of our masses and we feel a great sense of pride that this spiritual and historic altar forms the centrepiece of our church.

Mass Times

  • Sunday Masses - 10.00am
  • Weekday Masses - as announced in Bulletin
  • School Masses - please see the list on our Diary page
  • Confession - Sunday 9.30 to 9.55am
  • We have adoration for one hour prior to the Holy Mass every day
  • Holydays - as announced in Bulletin

Photos of our Church

The statue of Saint Gerard outside the Church.
The sign outside the Church.

Church door.
Inside the church.

Artwork depicting Mary, Joseph and Jesus.
The Church organ.

The altar.
The wall behind the altar.

Fr Soji

Fr Soji became our Parish Priest in September 2014. He was inaugurated as Parish Priest of St Gerard's on Friday 14th November 2014.

Fr Soji celebrates whole school Masses and class led masses regularly throughout the year in church. He also leads Masses or prayer services, which are more intimate and are sometimes celebrated in the classrooms. The church can also be used to help deliver the RE curriculum, when visiting a church and looking at religious artefacts as part of a lesson.

As a Catholic School we strive to work in partnership with the Parish and the Church. St. Gerard's school is based upon the values and beliefs of the Catholic Church. This religious ethos of our school is found across the whole curriculum and not just within the Religious Education (RE) timetable.

The fundamental aim of the school is the Christian growth of the children, not simply their growth in their own faith but their growing awareness of the world as maturing Christians. As a pupil of St. Gerard's School, all children will develop a knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith and traditions.