Snippets of News


Year 6 Confirmandi.

14 July 2021

On the evening of Wednesday 14th July 2021, the school community joined together as one at St Gerard’s Church to witness the Year 6 Confirmandi become full members of the Church through the Sacrament of Confirmation.

After many months of preparation, all of the children received the Sacrament with thought and reverence, and were a credit to both their families and St Gerard’s school. The children read aloud in a particularly prayerful manner.

During the ceremony, Bishop David Evans called down the Holy Spirit to be with the children and to guide them on their journeys of faith. We pray that their commitment to the church will continue to grow, so that they may be witnesses of God’s eternal love throughout the world.

"Confirmation strengthens us to defend the faith and to spread the Gospel courageously." Pope Francis

Big Bee Challenge

Competition entries from the children.

5 July 2021

BBC Radio 2 have launched a competition in partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society called the ‘Big Bee Challenge’.

Eco Club members decided to take on the challenge to design a bright, buzzy garden that will attract bees and other pollinating insects. They thought about the types of plants that would attract bees and sketched their ideas. They also considered how they could encourage pollinating insects into their gardens at home.

The competition winners will be announced later in the year. Good luck Eco Club!

The Fire Service visit Reception

Children looking at the fire engine.

23 June 2021

Children in Reception class had a visit from the Fire Service. They had the opportunity to ask the firefighters about their role and enquire about how different pieces of equipment on the fire truck are used.

Later, the children were reminded to stay away from fire sources and practised the ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ technique, which is used if clothing catches fire.

If anyone in our school community would like a Safe and Well visit from West Midlands Fire Service, call their team for free on 0800 389 5525.

School Council Easter Reading Challenge

Children with their Reading Challenges.

1 April 2021

After the success of our Christmas Reading Challenge, School Council members have launched a further reading initiative.

This week, each pupil has been given an age appropriate grid to complete which includes various reading related tasks.

The challenge is to be completed over the Easter holidays then, returned to school. Completed entries will be entered into a prize draw. Good luck!

"I do believe something magical can happen when you read a good book." J.K. Rowling

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

Making note of the birds we spotted.

22 January 2021

For the seventh year running, the School Council have participated in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. The RSPB now has over forty years worth of data which helps increase their understanding of the challenges faced by wildlife.

This year, we asked children at home to help School Council, by spending one hour observing the birds in their gardens and recording the results on a tally sheet.

Along with other schools, we sent our results to the RSPB. This helps them spot potential problems with the UK bird population and any steps that may be needed to assist nature.

School Council would like to thank everyone for their support.

Promoting British Values

Our display on British Values.

15 October 2020

At Gerard’s Catholic Primary School, we value the diverse backgrounds of all pupils, staff and families by undertaking a variety of events and lessons to celebrate these throughout the year.

We teach our pupils to be tolerant and respectful towards others, embracing the differences in our community and the wider world. Within this, we recognise the importance of promoting fundamental ‘British Values’ as part of our school’s programme of spiritual, moral, cultural and social development.

Each class has prepared a piece of work for display covering the values of Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

Fr Mathew Induction Mass

Fr Mathew's Induction Mass.

11 October 2020

On Sunday 11th October, Fr Mathew was formally introduced to St Gerard’s parish, as our new parish priest. Dean Fr Simon Ellis presided over the ceremony and presented Fr Mathew with the keys of the church.

During our mass on Wednesday, children presented Fr Mathew with a gift from St Gerard’s, to welcome him to our school and parish community.

Congratulations to our new parish priest, Fr Mathew. We wish him every success as he guides us on our faith journey!

The Reluctant Dragon

The Reluctant Dragon.

7 February 2020

The Image Theatre presented ‘The Reluctant Dragon’, a story that reminded us never to judge people before you really know them.

It was a beautiful tale of a dragon found living in the hills who befriended a young boy called Harry. The townsfolk hired a knight to go and kill the dragon however, do not be fooled by appearances - this dragon is a kind and book-loving dragon but will he be saved and accepted?

Pupils participated in this moving story by singing and acting. We all enjoyed it very much.

Amazing-Grace said, "Stay true to who you are."
" Don’t judge a book by its cover," explained Gracieann.
Anais said, "We should respect all."

Health for Life

Receiving our Health for Life Award.

29 January 2020

Three proud members of Eco Club along with Mr Crehan and Miss Creamer attended The Council House in Birmingham to receive a very prominent award.

St Gerard’s Catholic School received the Health for Life Award for our creativity with the new outdoor planters.

Councillor Mohammed Azim spoke about the younger generation being our future. He went on to congratulate them on their hard work and dedication.

After a photograph with the Lord Mayor, we were delighted when he presented us with a wall plague, which you can now see on display in our school’s entrance. Well done everyone!

MacMillan Coffee Morning

A wonderful spread of cakes for Macmillan.

27 September 2019

St Gerard’s community joined together with people across the UK to host a coffee morning in support of Macmillan Cancer Support.

Macmillan understand how cancer can affect people’s whole lives – health, money, family, job; everything. From the moment of diagnosis, they are there to help people find the best way through.

Therefore, St Gerard’s Primary School were proud to host a coffee morning to support this worthwhile charity. Many thanks to who the people who helped to make this year a great success.

Stations of the Cross

Praying the Stations of the Cross.

18 April 2019

The Stations of the Cross are a prayer. When we pray them, we join Jesus in the final hours of his life on earth, as he carried his cross to the place where he is put to death.

As we pray these prayers and meditate on these scenes, we can thank Jesus for his love. We can ask him to help us see more clearly, what God might be asking us to do, the ways that we can love and serve the people around us, now and in the years ahead.

We wish everyone within the St Gerard’s community a happy and Holy Easter.

"The cross of Christ, embraced with love, never brings sadness with it, but joy, the joy of being saved and of doing a little of what he did on the day of his death."
Pope Francis


Work based on the Hungry Caterpillar.

20 March 2019

Reception have been investigating the journey of a caterpillar based on the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

The children talked about the life cycle and the changes that take place. They made symmetrical butterflies using paint.

Next, they investigated which fruit and vegetables would help the caterpillar cross the river to his friends. Then, they predicted and tested their ideas and had a go at explaining what they found out by presenting their results to the rest of the class.

Fr Hudson’s Good Shepherd Appeal

Our Father Hudson Assembly.

28 February 2019

This morning, we welcomed Margot from Father Hudson’s Care as she came to officially launch this year’s Good Shepherd Appeal.

First, she thanked us all for our generous support in previous years, and hopes that we will continue to help the charity.

During the Holy season of Lent, we think of others less fortunate than ourselves and consider how we can help. Each class has a Good Shepherd Appeal collection box on their prayer table and we ask for a small donation to fill each box with coins.

"Today people are not only suffering from poverty, but also from lack of love." - Pope Francis, December 2018

Science at GWA

Year 5 at Greenwood Academy.

11 December 2018

Year 5 had a great opportunity to visit Greenwood Academy to participate in a KS3 science lesson.

First of all, we considered the safety issues when using equipment in a laboratory. Then, with a partner, we used a pipette to take samples of different everyday liquids. By dipping the indicator paper onto the liquids, we could determine whether the substance was an acid or alkali by referring to the pH chart.

We had a very informative morning.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Watching the live service together.

11 September 2018

On Tuesday 11th September, our school came together with all other Catholic Primary Schools in the Archdiocese of Birmingham, in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

A sacred space was set up in the hall where Father Soji brought over the Blessed Sacrament as we gathered in prayer. We then joined the Archbishop via a live stream from His Grace's private chapel and a real community feel was created as we sang, worshiped and prayed together.

It was a wonderful opportunity for us all to become close to Jesus.

Good Shepherd Mass

Year 6 at St Chad's Cathedral.

11 June 2018

Year 6 visited St Chad's Cathedral, to attend the Good Shepherd Mass.

We were joined by schools from across the Diocese of Birmingham to celebrate Mass with Bishop Robert Byrne. Each school took part in a different way. St Gerard's read the first reading whilst other schools participated through altar serving, bidding prayers and music.

During the Offertory procession, we presented our cheque, which was part of the money raised for Fr Hudson's, during Lent.

Megan said, "I loved to see all the different colourful banners from each school."

Jesus Christ told his followers to "love one another as I have loved you."

Year 2 visit the Birmingham Town Hall

Year 2 at the Town Hall.

6 June 2018

Over the next few weeks, children will be having the opportunity to partake in different types of music events, in and out of school.

Year 2 started with an amazing afternoon at Birmingham's Town Hall, with fellow Year 2 classes from around the city to watch 'Ex Cathedra' perform. Ex Cathedra is a choir that was originally founded in Birmingham in 1969 by Jeffrey Skidmore OBE.

We had a great time joining in with singing and following actions to a wonderful selection of music. The event was thoroughly uplifting making us smile, laugh and dance.

Birmingham Children's Hospital 'Out To Play Appeal'

Donating our cheque for £1,000.

21 May 2018

This morning, we presented Ryan from Birmingham Children's Hospital with a cheque for the sum of £1,000. Pupils at St Gerard's raised the money during Lent fundraising activities earlier this year.

As part of 'Millie's Mission', the hospital needs to raise £230,000 to create an interactive playground for children who need to spend time at the children's hospital.

Playing is an important part of recovery, so the playground has been designed with input from young children who receive treatment at the hospital. They requested the area to be wheelchair accessible, fun and colourful with an interactive climbing wall and sensory equipment.

  • Did you know that the hospital has 381 beds?
  • Did you know there are 3730 staff members at the hospital?
  • Can you guess how many lunches and dinners the chefs made in April? (The answer is 8704.)
  • The hospital has 90,000 visits from patients a year!

Stations of the Cross

Children from the different schools come together.

29 March 2018

We thank Year 5 for leading us in pray as we join Jesus in the final hours of His life on earth, as He carried the cross to the place where He died.

Although there is sadness in our hearts as we think about all that Jesus suffered, we know that our Lord accepted that suffering willingly for us, so every station and every prayer is a poignant reminder of His love for each one of us.

Many thanks to all of the parents and family members who joined us this afternoon.

We adore you, O Christ, and we bless you, because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world. Jesus Christ Crucified. Have mercy on Us.

Shared Lenten Liturgy

Children from the different schools come together.

27 March 2018

This morning, children from St Gerard's, St Chad's and St Joseph Catholic Primary Schools presented an assembly at each school. It was enjoyable to watch and see how children from others schools worked together to make an amazing Lenten Liturgy.

They taught us about how to love our neighbours no matter what colour, age or circumstances that they live in because God made us all.

by Sophie, Year 6

Day of Prayer and Adoration

Gathered in the school hall with Fr Soji.

23 March 2018

Friday 23rd March marked the Diocesan day of prayer and adoration.

To begin, we gathered in the school hall, as Father Soji brought over the monstrance, holding the Blessed Sacrament. We said some prayers, sang beautiful hymns and left in silence.

Throughout the day, each class had the opportunity to spend some time with Jesus and used it as a time to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice He made for us.

To end the day, we came together as a school for Benediction. Father blessed us with the Blessed Sacrament; we sang the Tantum Ergo and repeated the Divine Praises. It was a beautiful day of prayer and reflection.

Good Shepherd Appeal

Archbishop Bernard Longley blessed Tabor House on September 2017.

28 February 2018

We received at visit from Margot of Father Hudson Care to launch the Good Shepherd Appeal 2018. First, she thanked us all for our generous support last year, and hopes that we will continue to help the charity.

Many people rough sleep in and around Birmingham for many reasons, they live on cold, wet pavements and life is very difficult for them. Last year Father Hudson Care opened Birmingham's first permanent night shelter called Tabor House to offer guests friendship, dignity and care. Guests are offered a mentor to help him or her find a lasting solution to improve their lives.

We listened with great interest to the success stories that have already happened in the six months that Tabor House has been operating.

During the Holy season of Lent, we think of others less fortunate than ourselves and we will continue to support the Good Shepherd Appeal. Each class has a coin collection box on their prayer table and we ask for a small donation to fill each box with coins.

"We can not change the world alone, but together we can spread the joy of the Gospel by staying close to those in need." Pope Francis, 12 November 2017

UCF Charity

Learning about those less fortunate than ourselves.

26 February 2018

Following a plea from a teacher working at another Catholic school in Birmingham, Miss Anna Duffy, the children at St. Gerard's donated colouring books, pens and pencils for the children in a refugee camp in Bangladesh.

We discovered that these children have nothing, many are suffering from malnutrition and they have no proper homes or families.

The children at St. Gerard's were very upset to hear about these children. They recognised how fortunate they themselves were and brought in pens, pencils, colouring books and small games for the orphan children. Miss Duffy then took these to Bangladesh where she went to carry out volunteer work for the charity UCF during the school holiday.

The children could say that they were helping their brothers and sisters, and as we are studying the UNICEF Rights of the Child, this was a humanitarian issue that many were able to recognise.

Tyannah said, "The assembly was really heart touching, it helped us understand that not everyone is as healthy and wealthy as we are. We pray that one day they will find peace."

Nancy said, "I now realise how fortunate we are. Many families in Bangladesh are separated from each other and suffer great hardship."

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon

A scrumption variety of cakes.

10 October 2017

The World's Biggest Coffee Morning is Macmillan's biggest fundraising event for people facing cancer. The first event was held in 1990 and it has grown ever since. Last year alone the charity raised £29.5 million and this year they are aiming to raise even more.

Macmillan provide medical, emotional, practical and financial support, as well as campaigning for better cancer care. Also, because cancer affects more than just those facing it, they are there for friends and family too.

St Gerard's Primary School took part by hosting a coffee afternoon and inviting parents, carers and members of our church community to join us for a cuppa, cake and a chat!

Thank you to everyone who supported this worthwhile event.

Rock Steady Assembly

Enjoying a Rock Steady assembly.

27 September 2017

We experienced a lively assembly this morning, presented by Rock Steady Music School. A trained musician demonstrated making music with electric instruments and a microphone.

We heard an electric guitar, keyboards and an electric drum kit with an amplifier. We were amazed that the keyboards could be used to create the sounds of other instruments such as a violin or cello, as well as a dog barking noise. We had great fun joining in with popular music that we all recognised.

'Inspiring Every Child Through Music.'

Welcome Mass

Our welcome mass.

12 September 2017

It is our tradition at St Gerard's to spend some time during this mass, to welcome the new children and staff to our school and parish.

The children from Year 6 take it in turns to introduce each child from the new reception class and present them with a special badge.

It was also a pleasure to introduce our new Head Teacher, Mrs Buck and we wish her every success at St Gerard's Primary School.

Many thanks to all the parents that join us today.

Recording our own CD

Proudly showing off our school CD.

28 June 2017

The whole school took part in an exciting event to record their own CD.

Miss Cooper and Mrs Foley arranged it all as a surprise for Mr Hird and his retirement; a unique gift from the children for him and a lasting memory of St Gerard's.

As the technician set up the microphones and his special recording equipment the children waited with anticipation.

Each class from nursery to Year six sang beautifully, as a whole school and as phase groups. The choir and guitarists also recorded special songs with amazing harmonies.

After the day of recording came to an end, each pupil was given a certificate for their achievement. We then had to wait for the editing to take place before the final CD arrived.

With thanks to our winning design by a Year 6 pupil, the CD looked very professional. The sales for the CDs, 'Have You Hird Us?' were a great success too. Thank you again to all of the staff for their hard work to prepare the children for this special day.

Mr Hird's Parting Gift to the School

Mr Hird's beatiful statue of St Mother Teresa.

26 June 2017

Mr Hird led a special assembly so that he could unveil his parting gift to the school. It was a beautifully crafted wooden statue of Saint Mother Teresa.

We were very fortunate to have Fr Soji come into school to bless this statue, making it holy. The statue will stay in the dining room so that every day the children can see it and be reminded of all the good that Saint Teresa did across the world.

Mr Hird hopes that every time the children see this statue they will be able to say their special prayer - 'Mary, Mother of Jesus, be a mother to me now', which was taught to them by the Missionaries of Charity, whom we raised money for during Lent. They wrote a letter to the staff and children to thank them for their donation of £1000, stating: "It was a great surprise, not just with the amount, but with the genuine love and concern for the poor, which very clearly came from your hearts!"

We had visitors from the Legion of Mary, where the children listened to a story about a little girl who wanted to become closer to God by going to church and receiving the Eucharist. They also learnt about the miraculous medal because of all the miracles that were happening to the people who wore it. As a gift from the Legion of Mary, each child was given a medal at the end of assembly.

Year 6 Good Shepherd Mass

Year 6 at St. Chad's Cathedral.

13 June 2017

Today we visited St Chad's Cathedral for our annual Good Shepherd Mass, which was celebrated by the Most Reverend Bernard Longley, Archbishop of Birmingham.

There were visiting priests who concelebrated along with the Archbishop to make it a truly memorable mass. Music was led by Holy Souls Catholic Primary School in Acocks Green which was beautiful.

We were joined by 23 schools across the diocese of Birmingham. One of our children, Katie, was chosen to read a bidding prayer. Whilst, Sam and Patric carried the school banner, Niamh presented the cheque for Father Hudsons Homes. This represents what was collected during Lent as part of our Lenten charities.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable morning meeting with the Archbishop again, as he had confirmed the children in November. He happily chatted with the children after mass and wished them all well.

Year 5 Bikeability

Bikeability training.

12 to 16 June 2017

Following on from Health Week, most of our Year 5 pupils took up this wonderful opportunity to participate in the Bikeability programme, focusing on the Level 1 and Level 2 courses.

Bikeability is a cycle training programme. It's about gaining practical skills and understanding how to cycle on today's roads and gives everyone the skills and confidence for all kinds of cycling.

At Level 1, riders learn to control and master their bikes in a space away from traffic such as the school playground. Level 2 takes place on local streets, giving trainees a real cycling experience. Trainees learn how to deal with traffic on short journeys such as cycling to school or the local shops.

Congratulations to all of our Year 5 cyclists. They received a badge and a certificate in recognition of the level they achieved. The instructors said what a credit you all were to the school and how much they enjoyed working with you throughout the week – fantastic news and well done.

Year 6 First Aid Training

Year 6 learning first aid.

7 June 2017

The children were reminded of the importance of First Aid, led by Anne-Marie from the British Red Cross.

They identified how they could help someone if there was an emergency. The children completed an evaluation before the workshop began to gauge their own understanding of First Aid and their confidence levels. This was followed by a demonstration on resuscitation (checking for response, opening airways, listening for breathing then carrying out chest compressions). The children learnt to call 999, indicate which service they require and then say where they are and discuss the problem.

Afterwards, the children had different scenarios that they acted out together - incidents ranged from burns, diabetes, head injury and broken bones. Each aspect was discussed in detail by Anne-Marie and what steps are needed to ensure each emergency is responded to correctly. This included diabetes and the importance of knowing the difference between the two types and how to identify blood sugar levels.

The children completed their evaluations at the end which showed how much they had learnt and how much they had improved their understanding throughout the session.

Thank you to the British Red Cross for delivered this life skill this morning. On their website you can download the free British Red Cross First Aid App, which gives you step by step guidance for a range of incidents and could help save a person's life.

Year 1 Class Assembly

Year 1 presenting their assembly.

19 May 2017

Year 1 gave an interesting assembly to the whole school about how we are all different, but that we should all work together and be kind to others.

They shared information about what they had been learning in geography about food and retold the story of the lazy farmer who never helped.

We know that by helping and sharing with each other we can make each other happy. Thank you to the parents who joined us this morning.

Year 5 Class Assembly

Year 5 present their assembly on Ancient Greece.

17 March 2017

In their assembly, Year 5 shared what they had learnt throughout their topic work on The Ancient Greeks.

Dressed in traditional Ancient Greek costume, the children sang songs about the Ancient Olympic Games and the Greek myths and legends that they had learnt about and shared lots of interesting facts. Did you know that the Olympic Games were held in honour of the gods?

The children showed their acting skills, as they stepped back in time, performed a Greek dance and re-told one of Aesop's Fables 'The Hare and the Tortoise'. Sharing Aesop's famous moral: 'slow and steady wins the race.'

As their assembly was held on Saint Patrick's Feast Day, the children also offered up their prayers to this special Saint.

Year 5 did a fantastic job - they remembered their lines, sang loud and proud and performed with a smile! Well done Year 5.

Father Hudson Assembly

Learning about the importance of fundraising.

13 March 2017

We had a special assembly led by Margot from Fr Hudson Society. She spoke about how important our fundraising is to help and support those in need.

Margot introduced a kangaroo and her baby to demonstrate how the parent looks after their baby - this was linked to fostering, the important job that they do and how these carers love and look after each child as their own.

Then the children were shown a rubber ring and the security this provides us when we are swimming - this links in with Young at Hearts Club and how families and children are looked after and given the support they need.

Our children were taught about the important jobs that the volunteers carry out to help the elderly. In each classroom are our Fr Hudson boxes - we are asking the children to be good shepherds and fill these up to support the appeal.

Last year we raised over £1000 for the society and it would be wonderful to try to beat it this year. Good Luck everyone!

Chess Tournament

Chess matches in progress.

8 March 2017

On Wednesday 8th March, our school chess team set off for the inter-school chess tournament. This was very exciting and we all enjoyed ourselves.

We travelled to St. Joseph's Catholic Primary School in Sutton Coldfield where we competed against lots of friendly people. These were made up of children from eight local primary schools.

At half time, we were offered some complimentary biscuits and juice (they were delicious!) We may have come in last place, but we were all very proud to represent Saint Gerard's and take part; we may not have won in reality, but we won in spirit.

We used some crucial tactics to help us win a few games. One of the tactics used was; to move both your knights towards the centre, the next two moves were to move the two pawns near your knights forward, allowing your bishops to move. In total, we earned 12 1/2 points.

Rana, one of the team members, said, "I had a jubilant time and as a team we made an outstanding effort, which changed our team spirit for the better. I can't wait to participate in another competition."

Our supportive friends - Katie and Ellie-Mae - have said that they are really proud of the school's representatives for facing tough challenges.

by Anastazja and Rana, Year 6 Chess Team Members

Football Tournament

Our hard working footballers.

8 February 2017

Pupils from our Year 4 and 5 classes participated in a cross city tournament, held at John Henry Newman Catholic College. There were 14 schools participating, meaning that each team had six fixtures.

This was the first time that this team had the opportunity to play together. As the games progressed, our passing improved and we had some excellent shots at goal and some fantastic goals scored too. Keeping us in many of the games, was our goalkeeper, who made fantastic saves throughout the tournament and earned The Jack Grealish Award.

Throughout the matches, we played with good team spirit and represented St Gerard's to the high standard of behaviour that is always expected. Well done boys.

Year 5 RE Inspire Workshop

Year 5 children and families.

19 January 2017

On Thursday 19th January, Year 5 took part in an RE Inspire workshop.

All parents were invited to work with their children for the morning on some activities linked in with Baptism.

We explored different pictures showing Jesus' Baptism and discussed what we liked about them and what they made us wonder. We then designed and painted our own pictures, taking inspiration from the paintings we looked at. At the end of our morning, we shared our work and presented 'sorry shells' in a short prayer service to reflect on the importance of Baptism.

It was lovely to see so many parents. A great morning was had by all.

Magical Maths Assembly

Enjoying the magic of maths.

16 January 2017

This morning, Professor Poopenshtinken came to amaze us with her Mathematical skills!

She is starting maths clubs at St Gerard's from Wednesday 1st February to teach us the secrets to her tricks. You will be able to learn some mind blowing maths tricks. Each week will have a fun theme such as 'become a maths detective.'

The clubs are for KS1 and KS2. Register now at (external link).

Opening Doors Project with King Edward VI Grammar Schools

12 December 2016

We are delighted to be able to announce that we are going to be working in close partnership with King Edward VI Grammar Schools and their 'Opening Doors' project.

St Gerard's has been selected to take part in a special trial run of a new online Learning Platform. It invites the children to participate in fun curriculum quizzes ranging from English to History to Maths. The children can set themselves challenges and staff can check on their progress.

This opportunity will run during the spring term and will target our Gifted and Talented pupils from Years 4, 5 and 6. The children that have been selected can be Gifted or Talented in any area of the curriculum and they will have their own unique log on to access the resources.

Pupils can access this fantastic new resource from our web links page. Good luck and enjoy the new challenges!

End of Year of Mercy

Our special Assembly to mark the end of the Year of Mercy.

20 November 2016

Sunday 20th November, the feast of Christ the King, marks the end of the Jubilee Year of Mercy.

We had a special assembly to mark this occasion. We thought about all the special things we have done throughout the year to show mercy to others, like God our merciful Father.

We have... received the Sacrament of Reconciliation; went on a children's pilgrimage; walked through the holy door at St Chad's; had a whole school Retreat Day; raised money for charity.

We then listened to a message from Archbishop Bernard who reminded us that even though we have reached the end of this special year, we should continue to show mercy to others. Each class was given a 'commitment crown' to write a special promise. We then sang a hymn together to end our liturgy.

Year 3 Class Assembly

Year 3 in their assembly.

4 November 2016

This morning Year 3 started their assembly with a hymn and prayer. During the assembly they were able to explain the history behind Bonfire night. We also created artwork depicting a bonfire scene.

Beginning way back in 1605 with Guy Fawkes unsuccessful attempt to blow up the Parliament. Moreover, to this present day reminding us all how important it is to stay safe around bonfires, fireworks and the holding of sparklers.

Thank you to the parents who joined us and hope you have a safe evening on 5th November.

Year 6 Inspire Workshop

Parents and children working together.

3 November 2016

During our workshop today we focused on SATS which the children will be sitting next year.

Mr Crehan discussed the different operations that we use during our maths lessons. We also focused on the importance of the children reading on a regular basis at home, as the reading paper contains long and sometimes complex text which the children need to be able to interpret.

At different work stations around the hall, parents were able to work through sample questions to gain a better understanding. We also gave parents practise papers to take home.

Within the workshop we also highlighted some areas of Online Safety that parents may not have considered, particularly, how children can protect themselves from the dangers of social media and who they can turn to for help if they encounter an issue.

Thank you to everyone who joined us today.

Year 4 Class Assembly

Year 4.

30 September 2016

On Friday morning we held our class assembly related to our recent topic of Sounds and Hearing. In preparation, we made various scientific projects to experiment with sound and discover how sound travels and also how our ears help us to hear these sounds.

We learnt that sounds are all around us in the air. Sounds warn us of danger and bring us the pleasure of music.

As a group we recited a poem called The Ceremonial band by James Reeves and Jazz man by Eleanor Farjeon.

We thank all the parents and friends who were able to join us.

Whole School Welcome Mass

At our Welcome Mass.

28 September 2016

Today we were join by Fr Peter to celebrate our whole school Welcome Mass.

Our Year 6 class led the service as we began by singing Here I Am To Worship. The Year 6 children individually introduced each reception child to our school community to a big round of applause.

Many thanks to all the parents and families who were able to join us today.

Canonisation of St Teresa

Celebrating Mother Teresa.

5 September 2016

During our welcome back assembly, we celebrated the canonisation of Mother Teresa.

On Sunday 4th September Pope Francis declared Blessed Teresa of Calcutta a saint at the Vatican.

Mother Teresa was widely known as a living saint as she ministered to the sick and the dying in some of the poorest neighbourhoods in the world. Her simple service touched the hearts of millions of people of all faiths.

Mother Teresa spent her entire life fully devoted to helping the poor, the sick, the needy, and the helpless. Qualities that we should consider in our own lives by performing little acts of kindness. Our mission should be to something small today with great love.

In our Archdiocese, there is a community of the Missionaries of Charity in Kingstanding. Their presence here recognises the fact that material poverty is not the only, or maybe even the worst, sort of poverty. Loneliness, addiction and problems leading to a loss of hope make their presence welcome in the community. They continue the mission of Mother Teresa in their daily work.